Sin Fronteras

by Benazo


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My name is Ben, also called Benazo by many people. I consider myself as a cultural traveller, always trying to discover new aspects of cultural life worldwide. Due to my University-degree in Latin American Studies and my passion for world music and arts, I am searching constantly for new challenges, inspiring people, countries and cultures on this planet. At this moment I am in Colombia, doing research for future reports and musical projects.


Expert in Latin-American Affairs

Dec 2012 - July 2013

Master-Degree in Regional Sciences of Latin-America (Latin American Studies) at the University of Cologne (Germany) Specialized in politics, history and languages of Latin America, and political and economic relations between Latin America, Europe and the US. Special interest in Latin American culture, society and politics, as well as globalization of culture. Areas of scientific focus: political violence in Peru and Colombia, Colombias internal conflict, slave trade in the transatlantic triangle, independence movements in Latin America, music and conflict in Latin America

Musician, Composer, Producer

Dec 2012 - July 2013

Working with artitsts worldwide as.....

Journalist, Radio-Editor

Dec 2012 - July 2013

Journalist, editor and host of “Frequencia Latina” radio show for Munich FM-radio station “Radio Lora 92.4”; presenting news and background information about Latin America.

Language Skills



Political Analysis
Historical Analysis

Music Skills

Music Production
Guitar Skills


Master Degree

in Latin-American Studies | University of Cologne, 2013


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B. Kastl
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Munich Germany | Colombia
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